India suite


India suite

This traditional suite, inspired by Mughal India’s style, is located on the first floor behind the large “Iznik” suite. Access is from the patio gallery via a private staircase. An upper window opens over the covered part of Kachachine street, another one opens on a small patio with a fountain. It has a very elegant ultra flat vaulted bathroom. The tone of its decoration is given by wooden arcade elements and an ancient Indian column, sculpted in a trunk of sycamore. The bed is on a platform, in a cosy alcove surrounded by a lattice of wood and mirrors: unsurprisingly it’s conforming to Tunisian traditions as well as immemorial uses of Asia. The furniture is ancient and multiple origins: an Indonesian trunk, Rajasthan mirror, Persian carpet, French seats.


+ 216 31 393 393

6,Andalous street, Bab Menara 1008 Tunis, Tunisia



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