This suite has the privilege of opening on a private double arcade patio, decorated with an old sculpted stone fountain. Above the wall, the immemorial internal structure of the roman buildings was left exposed (alternating layers of stone, flat bricks and elements of terra cotta, which ensures an optimal insulating). This reminder of the past has a remarkable aesthetics, which will fit with the guests’ taste for archeology. There is another example of it nearby, on one of the walls of Dar-Hussein Palace, which hosts the headquarters of the National Heritage Institute. In order to give depth to this suite, two of the walls have been covered with mirrors; it creates, when the lightening is turned on, a romantic atmosphere. Like the bronze chandelier, the room’s furniture is German art ‘deco style with a double bed in a sculpted wooden frame. The bathroom, separated by yellow silk curtains, includes a small half-buried vaulted bath which looks like a remnant of the Roman time.
The name of this suite is a tribute to the late mother of the owner.


+ 216 31 393 393


6,Andalous street, Bab Menara 1008 Tunis, Tunisia



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